200 New jobs coming to Elba

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Elba residents received some good news Tuesday in the form of new jobs.

A Korean auto parts manufacturer, Inzi Controls is setting up their first American plant in Elba, Alabama.

The chairman of Inzi Controls gladly announced Tuesday that they will be buying out the Toledo Molding and Die plant.

“I feel responsible for the community because our business performance will impact the city, therefore it will not be easy for me to only run the company for profit making,” says Inzi Control’s chairman Mr. Jung, Koo Ryong.

Those who are already employed at Toledo Molding and Die will be keeping their jobs.

Inzi Control plans to expand, adding 200 new employees.

"We’re very excited about it. With the economic downturn as we've had and we're just trying to do something to help our citizens find jobs and this was a good fit," says Elba Mayor James Grimes.

Representatives from the state were also at Tuesday’s announcement to show their gratitude for Inzi Control’s impact on the Alabama's economy.

"This isn't just good for Elba, but this entire area. An addition of 200 jobs for the people of this area is absolutely fantastic, particularly given our economic situation we've experienced over these last several months,” says Speaker of the Alabama House, Seth Hammett.

Inzi Controls grossed $700 million in 2009 and has other plants in South Korea, China, India and Malaysia.

The company's chairman was also presented with a key to the City of Elba and the seal of Alabama at Tuesday's announcement.

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