Gas Going Up Up Up

Gas prices have jumped 14 cents in the past two weeks and one analyst say they show no signs of slowing down.

Dothan city leaders estimate skyrocketing gas prices will cost the city several hundred thousand dollars this year.

From fire trucks to police cars and trash trucks, the city has around 1,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment that need fueling. Dothan gets its gas at near wholesale prices, but even so it's costing the city big.

Jerry Corbin, Interim City Manager says city workers are taking steps to conserve.

OPEC member Saudi Arabia has announced they will raise its production of oil beginning next month. But, the increased production won't come in time to ease the pressure from summer gas prices.

Analysts say continuing high demand; production bottlenecks and the threat of terrorist attacks on oil facilities in Iraq and other gulf states could drive prices even higher.