Houston County Hosts First Ever Disaster Summit

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More than 100-emergency workers from eight counties as far away as Montgomery were in Dothan for the first ever Houston County Disaster Summit.

For the first time in Alabama, a local university teamed up with emergency management agencies to prepare for disasters like the Enterprise tornado.

Troy University in Dothan hosted emergency workers from around the Wiregrass Thursday to talk about ways to save lives and infrastructure.

First on the agenda, Coffee County EMA Director John Tallas talked about lessons learned from the Enterprise tornado like having back up communication outlets, forming a mutual aid agreement and organizing pre-event debris contracts.

However, the summit wasn't just to prepare for tornadoes, but also hurricanes and floods.

Later Thursday, emergency workers pretended Hurricane Craig, a Category 3 hurricane was bearing down on Houston County.

After deadly disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech Massacre, it's imperative all local agencies are on the same page.

After each exercise, there was a discussion to talk about needed improvement to better protect our community.

Everyone involved in the summit will be kept up to date on the outcomes and future development.

They will also have access to the information for their use in case of a future emergency.

Those attending Thursday were also updated on the Emergency Operations Center's structure and functions as well as the Hurricane Incident Action Plan and the Virtual Alabama Program.

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