Online Dothan Utility Payments

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The city has just rolled out an online payment program, which will allow customers to access their account information with the click of a mouse.

Not only can you pay online, but you can also check your billing history and consumption summaries. All you need to register for use is a Visa or Mastercard, your utilities bill or payment stub and a valid email address.

Deanna Kinney has been working for the city of Dothan for more than a decade and says never before have utility customers had it so easy. "This is the first time we've really attempted something like this. We're trying to make it more convenient for the customers, allow them 24-7 access to their information without them having to come into the office and get print-outs or sit with a representative during our open hours."

Once registered, the online tool, called "Click to Gov," only takes minutes to use.

It also allows Dothan Utilities members to make payments from home, work or even out of town.

"We realize that a lot of our customers are just like we are; they work during the day. It's not very feasible for them to try to take off work to get down here to the office,” Kinney says.

Ti register, visit the city of Dothan's website:

You'll see an icon on the homepage that says, "Click to Gov" online utilities and it's free of charge to register.

The utilities department is still providing phone and person-to-person assistance.

Officials say right now, there is no chance that jobs will be lost due to the technology.

However, some positions may be eliminated in the future through attrition.

"Click to Gov" is a secured site, which does not give access to credit card information or pin numbers to city employees.

Fir more information or questions about online bill pay, call Dothan Utilities at 615-4100.

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