Downtown Dothan

Downtown Dothan is making a comeback.

As in many other cities, the downtown Dothan area saw a decline with the development of major shopping malls.

Fifty years ago, Foster Street was the center of downtown Dothan. Those days are long gone, but efforts to rejuvenate the area are continuing.

The Downtown Group has been trying to revitalize the central business district for some 15 years now.

The part of town called Dixie has had a major facelift, while Foster Street is still a work in progress. Downtown Group President Ron Devane says its all a matter of perception. And while some Dothan residents seldom venture downtown, the area is literally the heart of the Circle City and a reflection of its public image.

The area has been designated a Historic District. Investors are eligible for tax credits and low interest loans.

Dothan attorney Terry Bullard and Doctor Robert Hillman decided to take the plunge. Their Gran Mayan Nightclub will include a restaurant and microbrewery as well as a concert hall and even an oyster bar. Trouble is, the place was supposed to be open months ago.

Bullard says if they had it to do over again, they'd probably build some place else. He and Doctor Hillman are committed to making their investment pay off.

For more information about investment opportunities in downtown Dothan, you can contact the Downtown Group at 793-3097.