Tuesday Rain Brought Some Needed Rain to Southeast Alabama

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Many Cottonwood residents spent the day cleaning up after Tuesday’s storm. Dothan dodged the bad weather and rain, but Cottonwood took a direct hit.

Even though there was some property damage, residents were grateful for the rain.

Jeremy Conner was surveying land in Cottonwood when a storm rolled through the southeast Alabama town.

Conner took cover in his truck where he witnessed four trees snap in half. The trees toppled onto a shed destroying the back corner.

He says the storm, “Held really bad for about 10 minutes when we had a lot of hail. We needed rain but other than that it was pretty bad,” said Conner.

Ruby Lingo's flagpole used to stand in a flower garden, but Tuesday’s storm ripped the flag pole from its foundation.

Ruby's lived on Cottonwood Highway just inside the city limits and has never seen a storm like that before. “It began to rain; [the] wind [began] blowing. [There were] thunderstorms with hail. [It] fell hard on the yard and it blew my flag down,” she said.

Most residents say the hail was the biggest they've seen in their lives, but it was followed by some good rain and they're thankful for any precipitation they can get.

Cottonwood Police Chief Jim Smith says no injuries were reported from the storm.

Weather forecasters say the damage was caused by heavy winds, not likely a tornado.

Residents reported about an inch of rain fell inside the city limits of Cottonwood.

News 4 received calls about power outages, but Chief Smith says all power is back on in the city.

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