Domestic Violence

Friends and family members of a Houston County woman who died earlier this week after being hospitalized for injuries, say she may have been beaten and abused by her husband for weeks.

Her husband, Michael Sale has been charged with murder.

The death of Lynn Sale has raised concern among those in the community who try to increase awareness about domestic violence.

Beverly Youse with the House of Ruth says a woman is abused every nine seconds.

Youse said a few of the warning signs include: A man who tells you who you can or cannot see, gets upset when you spend time with other friends or family, wants details of where you have been, or grabs, chokes, hits, or pushes you.

She said the main reason men abuse women are either because they were abused as a child or they see women as an object and not a person.

Youse said drugs, alcohol and mental health can all play a part in the cycle of abuse, but it is not the cause of it.

She said when a man abuses a woman, like the recent case, it's like being a hostage.

Youse said if you are being abused, even if you're not ready to leave, there are things the House of Ruth can do to help. Please call them toll free at 1-800-650-6522 or 793-2232.