Dale County Missing Tax Money

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Thirteen years have passed since a law mandated a certain portion of a one-cent sales tax to Dale County schools. While the county schools received that money, Ozark and Daleville have yet to see any of it.

Back in 1994, this law went into effect and no one notified the cities of Ozark and Daleville. The end result of all this is those school systems will have a considerable amount of money coming their way.

The wording of the 1994 law makes exceptions only in the event the district opts out of the one-cent tax.

Thursday, the school board submitted a letter to the city council asking them to not take action on the tax, and in doing so will award the school board from that point on a one-cent sales tax that will eventually amount to millions of dollars.

Ozark Superintendent Dan Payant said, “This is a tremendous opportunity for us. We've had an excellent relationship with the city and I want to say that I'm well aware of the fact that it's not the city's responsibility to collect this tax.

It's the responsibility of the Department of Revenue, and we're not at this point looking back, we're moving forward.”

All this will be final on Tuesday when the city council makes their decision. However, if you ask some, the choice has already been made.

Along with the letter on Thursday, the school board submitted an item sheet for a new Carrol High School, with estimated project costs above $27 million dollars.

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