Get Ready for Mosquito Season

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Mosquito season is well underway for us in the Wiregrass, but it's not your typical year. The drought is affecting the number of mosquitoes in the area.

There is a buzzing in your ears with a quick slap soon to follow as mosquitoes are on the prowl once again this summer.

Dothan Resident Ciara Heck said, "They bite you when summer's out, when you're outside playing, you get sweaty. Then they come bite you, then you'll start scratching."

The typical breeding grounds for mosquitoes are within pools of standing water when conditions are warm and moist outside.

When we have a rainy season, we may just see more mosquitoes.

Public Works Director Jerry Corbin said, "It was when we had a lot of water. It was raining all the time. It stayed wet all the time. The mosquito population was really up there."

Some residents find that mosquitoes aren't as big of a problem this year and that may have something to do with the drought.

Chris Heck, another Dothan resident said, "Yeah, we haven't had that much of a problem this year with the mosquitoes."

Officials say calls from residents this year concerning problems with mosquitoes have been scarce.

The drought could be to blame for the fewer numbers of the flying pests in the Wiregrass area, but it could also be the constant spraying of pesticides and larvacide pellets that keeps this situation under control.

Mosquito spray trucks go around town every year dispersing pesticides that kill the bugs and the eggs they lay, so that more mosquitoes don't hatch.

"We feel very strongly that the program we have for spraying mosquitoes and treating larvae and ditches is a positive one, is a successful one," Corbin says.

And, leaders say that's important to keep you from being bitten.

The city of Dothan sprays for mosquitoes every year between April and October.

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