EHS’ Class of 2007 Graduation: Joyful and Sad

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Almost two months to the day after the March 1st tornado, the seniors at Enterprise High School said goodbye Thursday night, to their high school years at a somber yet joyous graduation ceremony at Bates Memorial Stadium.

After a tumultuous year filled with joy and sorrow, Enterprise High Schools class of 2007 said goodbye to a place they have come to love over the past four years.

“It feels good, it feels very good. It's about time man it's past time. I mean, I've been waiting for this chance for the past 13 years," said Derrick Jackson.

"It's finally over and we get to graduate. It's lifting and it's just very fun," said Sarah Carroll.

"I just graduated from the same stadium that I played football in so it's great," said Daniel Doster.

The excitement came with sadness though, as seniors remembered the fateful day when a destructive tornado tore open their school claiming the lives of some of their schools.

"It's always going to be there in the back of your mind, you're never going to forget it," said Jordan Dow.

The stadium was jam packed for the ceremony, but there were two seats that were empty; the seats belonged to Michael Tompkins and Jaime Vidensek who died during the tornado.

"I knew them in Encore and I used to see them everyday; it's not the same not seeing them everyday," said Laurie Long.

"We know that they're in our hearts and that they're living through our spirits so it is still a good feeling," said Sarah Carroll.

"We love them with all of our hearts and they will always be with us; we miss them," said Melinda Gooch.

A bitter sweet end to four years of Wildcat pride, and while many seniors will now go on to college to pursue their dreams, they will always remember the good times they had at EHS.

The senior class also made a donation during Thursday’s ceremony giving their now former school a check for $7,500 to build a Wildcat statue that will be placed inside the office at the new school.

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