A Few Local Bills Didn't Fall Victim to the Senate Slowdown

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With just two meeting days left in this legislative session, there is no longer time for Alabama lawmakers to pass bills that haven't already been approved in the chamber they came from.

Local commission members feared their bills might die along with the session.

"Part of the worry was the slowdown that was going on in the Senate. We certainly support the position of our local senators but anytime you have that kind of slowdown you're concerned about your bills. We're glad they along with the rest of the Senate were able to break loose and pass local bills," said Mark Culver of Houston Co. Commission.

Schools were involved with several local bills this session of the legislature. One such bill was very important to that of the Pike County Commission.

Pike Co. Administrator Harry Sanders said, "We were very concerned that we had one particular bill that was of supreme interest to us. It was a bill that was a redistribution of the one cent sales tax here in the county."

Pike County’s one cent redistribution did make it through as well as a bill that allows for a second voting location. But why things were cut so close and how did local counties get their bills passed in time?

"Representative Booth and Senator Mitchell both worked for us and got our legislation passed. We're very pleased to say that the legislature offered by Pike County has been addressed by the legislature,” said Culver. "The majority in the Senate really tried to run the Senate with a firm hand. Our two senators from Houston County are in the minority group and we commend them for the stand they’ve taken to represent us."

A bill putting a stop to the $3 dollar record charge for tag renewal in Dothan was enrolled as well, marking a successful but nervous session for local lawmakers.

Houston, Dale, and Pike County were pleased to report on Thursday that almost all of their important bills had made it through.

The state legislature has picked up speed recently as more than two dozen bills were cleared with just one week to spare.

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