Recovery Organization of Coffee County Deadline

The deadline is here, but now, residents are starting to speak out about what they say is a difficult process to get those funds.

Several residents News 4 spoke with said the applications are hard to understand and ask too many personal questions. However, the city says the applications make the process fair and keep people honest.

It’s been three months since a devastating tornado ripped through Enterprise and still, some neighborhoods are just starting to rebuild.

Many residents are hoping to receive money from the Recovery Organization of Coffee County or ROCC, which is now in control of the almost $700,000 dollars of donations that flooded the city after the tornado.

Henry Petty Jr. said, "Still, houses needing money and the process needs to speed up."

Some residents are concerned that the application process to get ROCC money is too difficult and requires too much information before money can be distributed.

"We need an application that seeks to disburse the money and not one that’s so difficult that no one can get the money," said Johnny Whitehurst.

Some residents are hesitant to apply for the money because of the extensive process.

Jeffrey Rogers said, "All these questions, [to] know about information, money; I didn't think it was right."

And, while the city understands some residents’ hesitation, they say the extensive process is in place to protect those who need the funds most.

"Perhaps it seems like we are intrusive on private information but we are just trying to make sure money is given to those with legitimate needs," said Gary Daniel of ROCC.

The application process to qualify for these funds is modeled after those created for Katrina victims and has already proven to be effective in the New Orleans area.

The Chamber of Commerce is in charge of distributing funds to victims of the tornado and plan to start handing out checks in the next few weeks.

While the application deadline is now passed, the Recovery Organization of Coffee County says if you contact them as soon as possible they will still make arrangements to help with the recovery process. Their number is 347-1011.

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