Tuberculosis Precautions in the Wiregrass

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Health officials are taking precautions after a Georgia man diagnosed with tuberculosis is put under quarantine.

The Houston County Health Department is in contact with the Centers for Disease Control to make sure no passengers from those flights live in the Wiregrass.

However, they already have a plan in place to offer assistance to anyone who may have contracted the illness.

The Centers for Disease Control are encouraging all area health departments to take precautions to protect residents from Tuberculosis.

"TB is a contagious disease and it can be dangerous but it is also treatable,” said Eileen Rogers of AL Dept. Public Health.

There are only two known cases of tuberculosis in the Wiregrass; however, Health Department officials are taking precautions in case any passengers from the Trans Atlantic flight live in this area.

"We are preparing to respond to anyone who was on the airline from this area," said Peggy Blakeny of the Houston Co. Health Dept.

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease and can lead to death if not treated properly.

Rogers said, "Some with symptoms like night sweats, weight loss, and chronic cough need to be evaluated by their doctor."

Neither of the two cases of tuberculosis in the Wiregrass are severe or are an “extensively drug resistant" form of tuberculosis.

The drug resistant form of tuberculosis simply means that several phases of treatment have had no effect on combating the disease.

A reason many health experts are concerned is that if the man carrying the disease did in fact transmit it to others, they would be infected with the same serious form, which is less likely to be treatable.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of tuberculosis, contact your physician or your county health department to schedule a screening.