Ozark Tax Reaction

Ozark school officials say they are going to have to close schools after residents voted down an eight-mil property tax increase.

That won't happen until next fall because they need time to build new rooms for the schools where the students will attend classes.

Superintendent Dan Payant has come up with a long-range plan that calls for putting Kindergarten through 5th grade together, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in one building and 9th through 12th grades together.

He will present the plan to the school board for their approval or rejection.

The move will reduce the burden on local funds used to maintain those schools.

Although it is hard, administrators say the community has spoken and they will respect their decision.

News 4 asked what Ozark school officials were going to do with the 123 acres of land they were recently given by Ozark Housing Development, Incorporated. Payant says he has no idea at this time.