More Charges in Walker Case

Mug Shots - Marsh-Jackson-Corley

Additional charges have been filed against three suspects in connection with last month's murder of a Dothan man.

Twenty-year-old David Phillip Wilson is the only one charged with capital murder in the case. He’s accused of the beating and strangulation death of 64-year-old Dewey Walker.

Police say Walker had been dead for nearly a week when he was found in his home.

20 -year-old Matthew Marsh and 21-year-old Michael Ray Jackson were originally charged with receiving stolen property for their part in the crime. Twenty-one-year-old Catherine Corley was charged with burglary.

Now, conspiracy to commit murder charges has also been filed against them.

Police say the suspects ransacked the victim's home for several days after the killing, looking for the keys to Walker's van and the $23,000 sound system inside.