Tornado-Torn Stadium Almost Restored

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It’s taken hard work and long hours, but school leaders say graduation will go on as usual.

It won't be completely restored, but a lot of clean up, repairs and construction have made the Wildcat Football Stadium ready for their annual graduation ceremony.

Sweeping, shoveling and building construction crews are steadily working to get the Wildcat Football Stadium ready for graduation night.

After the March 1st tornado ripped though the Enterprise Football Stadium, workers have been pulling many overtime hours to get the place set.

"I've got a great group of guys working here. They've really stepped up to the bad, [doing] what needed to be done," says Maintenance Lead Man Matt Routley.

"They have been installing a fence back around the stadium. They have cleaned up the stadium. They've had to run water and electricity to the press box and concession stands and so forth. It's just been a total effort. I didn't think we could do it, but our maintenance crew, Tracy Sanders, the whole maintenance crew. We did a lot of this in house. I didn't think it could be done, but they've proved me wrong," says Director of Operations and Administrative Assistant Bob Tomberlin.

It’s taken quite some time to get the seats ready for graduation, but school officials say with a little more work, the seats will be filled with friends, family and parents of new graduates.

"They're doing a great job down there. I'll be down there tomorrow cleaning it up," says Joe Baby, maintenance worker.

"I know it was a dream of theirs when we talked with them back after the storm. The one thing they wanted was to graduate in that stadium," says Tomberlin.

Officials say there is still a lot that needs to be done.

The school's football scoreboard has now been set up and now, the school board is set to approve bids on installing stadium lights at the next school board meeting.

Officials hope to have everything ready by the first home football game.

An interesting note: a lot of the work has been done thanks to a couple that has no ties to the school or really the state.

School leaders say Cindy and Glenn Stearns of California donated a large check and were the ones behind securing the new scoreboard and press box.

Enterprise's graduation is next Thursday at 5PM at the school's football stadium.

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