Dale County Jail Nearing Repair After Riot

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Inmates originally from the Dale County Jail are now spread throughout the area as their jail recovers from damage in an uprising there earlier this month.

The Dale County Jail is still in a state of rebuilding, which is a process that's being made much easier thanks to the help of some other counties.

The damage done to the Dale County Jail earlier this month is nearing repair but there are still loose ends.

Inmates for the time being are being housed in Coffee, Henry, and Houston County Jails.

Keith Reed with the Houston County Jail said, "It didn't put us in a bind. We were able to accommodate the Dale County inmates by using a multipurpose room where we have a lot of our classes for our inmates and other worship services and things like that. We were able to put the Dale County inmates into that room."

The physical damage to the Dale County Jail is one thing but the injuries sustained by Dusty Cooper, a jail guard will take much longer to heal.

Dale County Sheriff Wally Olsen said, "He's at home. He's resting still. I actually spoke with him last week and I told him to just get as much rest as he possibly can. He's still pretty banged up. He's sore. He's still recovering."

Out of the 447 inmates at the Houston County Jail, 31 are from Dale County. Numbers were spread out among three counties as space was available.

None of the inmates moving would have been possible had it not been for the fast action of the other county jails in the area.

When we asked officials about it, their common response was, they'd do it for us.

Sheriff Olsen says the county plans to move the inmates back to the Dale County Jail by the middle of next week.

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