Dothan City Officials Working to Increase Water Levels

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For over 20 years, the city of Dothan has implemented water restrictions throughout the spring and summer seasons, to make sure that everyone can get their fair share of this limited resource.

Billy Mayes with the City of Dothan says, "It is like we said, a finite body of water below us and we need to conserve it; we need to use it wisely."

That's because each year the water levels within Dothan's aquifer decrease between two and three feet. And the lack of rain is not helping the situation.

"We only have a certain number of wells, and you want to conserve the water levels that we have now because when you pull more than the recharge that is occurring, you're going to cause the water level in the aquifer to drop," said Mayes.

In order to increase water levels, city officials have discussed long term plans to build a reservoir, and possibly even withdraw water directly from the Chattahoochee River. But for now, they're focusing on the construction of a new transmission line that will help distribute more water from the north side of Dothan to the western part of the city, where the demand for water is higher. In addition to the transmission line, construction of two new wells is slowly but surely coming along.

“This well along with our other new well will add to our system approximately four million additional gallons per day, and help us supply our current customers and sustain further growth," said Mayes.

Once the wells are completed though, city officials say they will continue enforcing the proper water restrictions, to assure that water is always available for everyone.

For more information about the current water restrictions, log on to the City of Dothan's website at

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