Samson Cheerleading Dispute Continues

Emotions remain high over the Geneva County School Board's decision to remove several girls from Samson High School's cheerleader squad.

At one point during the school board meeting a deputy had to physically remove a parent following a verbal outburst.

The majority of the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders along with their parents came to support those removed from the squad.

They were taken off because of violation of board policy on the number of cheerleaders allowed per school.

Samson eighth-grader Gabby Lolley says, “I think it’s wrong. Very unfair and I don't think we need to have new tryouts. They did good, they should be on the team, put them on and then change it next year"

After hearing from a concerned parent, the board made no comment and allowed its decision to stand on the girls removal from next year's cheerleading squad.

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