Area Gas Station Going "Green"

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An area fuel stop is going green. Kite's Grocery and Bait Store is trying to lessen your pain at the pump and help the environment.

The Southeast gas station could be setting a trend in bio-diesel fuel.

The fuel pumps are the first in Southeast Alabama to sell bio-diesel fuel.

Kite’s Grocery and Bait Store is located in Cottonton, Alabama, about 15 miles north of Eufaula on Highway 165.

The locally owned and operated gas station offers all blends of bio-diesel fuel ranging form 34 to 90-percent bio-diesel.

"Oh, I like it. I get good mileage on it. It burns good. For one thing, it's cheaper. Another thing it's good for the environment. It lubricates my injectors," says Bio-diesel Customer Jesse Duraso.

The environmentally-friendly fuel is also friendly on the wallet. Right now, it runs at $2.75 a gallon, which is cheaper than any area regular diesel fuels.

While the price at the pump may be what you like the most, Store Owner Chuck Kite says you should also feel a little more patriotic.

"We don't have to be dependent on foreign countries to buy our fuel from them. We can make it here in America. If you run out of bio-diesel, it's a renewable fuel, you can make some more from soybeans, animal fats or vegetable oils," says Kite.

Kite's Grocery has been selling the bio-diesel for over two years. In that time, the store has sold over 70,000 gallons of the bio-diesel and now, averages about 100 gallons a week.

According to the National Bio-Diesel Board, Kite's Grocery is the only retail store in Alabama selling all blends of bio-diesel.

Sixteen other stores in the state sell 20-percent bio-diesel, known as B-20.

One is located in Jasper, Alabama and the remaining 15 are in Mobile and Baldwin counties.