Enterprise Farmer’s Market Showcases Downtown District

This year's Coffee County Farmers Market is officially underway.

The market is a place where Wiregrass growers have an opportunity to sell their fruits and veggies off the flatbed of a truck.

At it's location near the old Enterprise downtown Train Depot, there have been complaints over the lack of parking and lack of shelter from the rain. However, that will soon change. The city has purchased land at North Main Street and Highway 134, more commonly known as Damascus Road.

Special Projects Coordinator Birgit Briggs says the area will be, "A neighborhood environment where the customer supports the farmer, and the farmer has the opportunity to sell from his farm."

Besides better parking, and closer access to major roadways, it's a chance to get covering in case of bad weather.

Farmer and Coffee County Commissioner Bernest Brooks says the new pavilion will provide a way for, "The big farms to get their trucks in, and in the event it rains, they'll be covered."

"Better and safer; better in the event of slick conditions,” says Ozark Farmer Monica Carroll of the new pavilion. “The parking here is too tight and they'll be an indoor pavilion there."

New Brockton Bee Keeper Elizabeth Whittaker says, "It seems that it'll be a big improvement over this current site, I believe."

The new farmer's site will also include an indoor sales area for locally-grown produce.

The Coffee County Farmer's Market is located near the Train Depot. It’s open every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday morning.

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