Elvis Anniversary

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A fierce rainstorm didn’t keep thousands of Elvis Presley fans from participating in a candlelight vigil at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

More than 7,000 people are paying homage to the king of rock 'n' roll -- 25 years after his death.

The ceremony, which was expected to last all night, started an hour late because of a thunderstorm. Undaunted by the inclement weather, fans amassed in front of the gates, lit their candles and began their pilgrimage up the driveway to where Elvis is buried. They walked to the sound of Elvis singing "Memories."

A minister led the crowd in the Lord's Prayer as the vigil began.

A 68-year-old woman who is the president of an Elvis fan club in Shreveport, Louisiana, said, "We see it more as a celebration of Elvis' life than a time for grief."

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Biography of Elvis

  • Elvis Aaron Presley was born to Vernon and Gladys Presley in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8, 1935.

  • Elvis had a twin brother, Jessie Garon, which was stillborn. That left him to grow up as an only child.

  • The Presley's moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1948.

  • Elvis graduated from Humes High School in Memphis in 1953.

  • In 1954 He began his singing career with Sun Records.

  • In late 1955 Elvis' recording contract was sold to RCA Victor.

  • By 1956 he was an international sensation.

  • Elvis made 131 albums, singles and extended-plays have received gold, platinum of multi-platinum designations. Here are some of the most well-known song titles:
    • Heartbreak Hotel
    • Blue Suede Shoes
    • Hound Dog
    • Don't Be Cruel
    • All Shook Up
    • Teddy Bear
    • Jailhouse Rock
    • Are You Lonesome Tonight
    • Can't Help Falling in Love
    • Viva Las Vegas
    • Blue Christmas
    • Burning Love
    • America

  • Elvis starred in 33 successful films, some of his most well-known are:
    • 1956 – Love Me Tender
    • 1957 – Jailhouse Rock
    • 1960 – GI Blues
    • 1961 – Blue Hawaii
    • 1963 – Fun In Acapulco
    • 1964 - Viva Las Vegas
    • 1966 – Frankie and Johnny

  • Elvis was nominated for 14 Grammys, winning three of them.

  • He received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at the age of 36.

  • Elvis purchased Graceland Mansion in 1957 for himself, his parents, and grandmother to live in.

  • March of 1958 Elvis was inducted into the U.S. Army at the Memphis Draft Board.

  • On May 1, 1967 Elvis Presley married Priscilla Beaulieu at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

  • Priscilla gave birth to Lisa Marie Presley on February 1, 1968.

  • Elvis died at his Memphis home, Graceland, on August 16, 1977.

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