A Panhandle Town Wants to Outlaw Renting To Illegal Immigrants

This week, congress began debate on a bill to give temporary visas to an estimated 12-million illegal aliens in the United States. One panhandle law enforcement officer says he's trying to crack down on the problem in his city.

DeFuniak Springs has a population of around 12,000 residents. City Marshall Michael Adkinson estimates more than 1,000 illegal aliens live in and around the city.

Adkinson would like the town council to pass an ordinance prohibiting landlords from renting an apartment to four or more people who are unrelated.

In addition, he wants to punish landlords who knowingly rent to illegal residents.

"15-to-20 people may be living under one roof…they may each be charged 1,000 dollars a head. Someone is profiting from this. So we hope to make it more difficult to do. Look all cities across the country are struggling with this," said Adkinson.

City Marshall Adkinson is planning to work more with the federal immigration service to remove illegal aliens from DeFuniak Springs.