Local School to See Changes

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Eufaula students can expect to see some differences in school policy next year.

The school board approved an update to its code of conduct.

It restricts students from bringing electronics like MP3 players and cameras to school.

And, it’s not the only change coming to the Eufaula City School System.

There are three major changes: one, the reconfiguration of the schools, a creation of an alternative school for elementary students and updates to the code of conduct.

Eufaula City Schools will soon see some changes in how things are run.

News 4 told you about the school decision earlier this year to reconfigure its elementary schools, combining all same grade students.

The school board was torn about where to place the third though fifth grade students.

Now, leaders have chosen the Sanford Elementary School, due to its location and features.

"I think it's going to be good. We'll be able to concentrate on what the needs are, and design our curriculum, the way we do our classes and everything on being able to focus on those aged children" says Eufaula City Schools Superintendent Dr. Barry Sadly.

"I think it could be good. I think that way it will be an equal education for everybody, as far as the kids being able to go to one school, one grade. I think it'll be a good thing," says Parent Rashanda Hicks-Johnson.

However, the choosing of this school aren't the only changes coming to the system.

School leaders are also creating an alternative school for elementary students similar to its alternative school for high school students.

"It'll be a little different than the high school or the fact it'll be a shorter duration, whereas alternative in the high school can do up to a semester. You'll probably be looking at up to 10 days for elementary students," says Sadly.

Other changes include updates to its code of conduct. Now, students will not be allowed to bring MP3 players, cameras and other electronics.

The school will begin consolidating the kindergarten through second grade students this upcoming year.

Third through fifth graders will have to wait until classrooms are built. They are expected to move to Sanford next year.

There will be eight classrooms and three offices built at Sanford.

Eleven classrooms and eight offices will come to Western Heights.

The total cost is expected to be between $2.5 and $3 million dollars.