Airport Safety Improvements Grant

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded more than 3-million dollars to make safety improvements at Dothan Regional Airport. The improvements will be made to one of the airport's runways.

The money will be used to shift Dothan’s secondary runway 500 feet south to provide safety zones.

The FAA came up with new standards as a result of some accidents like this one in December 2005 in Chicago where planes slid off the runway injuring people.

These funds will also be used to mark and light the taxiway.

Work on the project will begin in October.

Daily service at the airport will not be interrupted due to the safety improvements.

The money was scheduled for 2006, but funding for the project was slow in coming.

Also, Andalusia-Opp Airport will receive one and a half million dollars for their expansion project.

It'll provide the purchase of land in order to extend runways an additional 1000 feet.

Officials say there's more than 750 people employed in the airport industrial park.

Earlier this week, members of the airport authority voted to change the name to South Alabama Regional Airport.

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