Pike Co. Contributions Donate $200,000 to Relay for Life Effort

More than $200,000 has been raised to fight cancer, thanks to many Pike County contributions.

The totals come from many companies campaigning within Pike County.

Troy University Relay for Life brought in more than $12,000. The South Alabama Rural Health Associates brought in more than $25,000.

Airtrek, First Methodist Church of Troy, Park Memorial United Methodist and Wal-Mart distribution center raised more than 10,000 a piece.

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford said, “The Relay for Life team, the workers that work within those teams and the people in our community showed once again from the heart they want to beat this disease. They did an absolute fabulous job in raising over $200,000 again this year.”

Sarha Employee Judy Law was the top individual fundraiser with just over $6200 dollars.