Dale County Jail Escape Attempt Inmates Faces Charges

There is more information on the escape attempt at the Dale County Jail that injured two jailers.

More charges are coming to the two men accused of attempting to murder one of the jailers, in what investigators say was an escape attempt.

The incident happened last Friday night at the Dale County Jail.

Katoni Tillis and Kent Stewart face five charges.

Those charges include attempted murder, 1st degree attempted escape, two 2nd degree assault charges and 1st degree criminal mischief.

Prosecutors say both Tillis and Kent are looking to spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams said, “They are charges with what they did; these are serious and my office will do everything we can to make sure they never get out again.”

Investigators say other inmates could face charges in the coming days as a result of the jail uprising.