Motorcycle Training Offered

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Summertime often means more motorcycles on the road, which unfortunately also means more motorcycle accidents.

Some local motorcyclists are doing their part to make the number of fatal bike wrecks decrease.

The Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program offers beginner and advanced rider courses to area enthusiasts to help cut down on the amount of motorcycle accidents.

"The State of Alabama has not elected yet to go to having anything more than a written test to tell a 14-year-old that he can go ride a motorcycle," says Lt. Bobby Blankenship, course instructor for the Dothan classes.

Nearly 1000 riders took the course last year. Many, say they are glad they did.

"I thought it was good before I took the class. I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Now, I feel more comfortable. They teach you certain stuff to do," says former student Elizabeth Holland.

"I thought I was an experienced rider before I took the course. I had been on them since I was 6 or 7-years-old. It teaches you a lot of tricks that you really need for street use. I went through the second day of the course and I realized how much I really didn't know about riding motorcycles. I'd been on them for years," says Blankenship.

The cost for a basic course is $200.
The advanced class is $80. However, officials say you can save 15 to 20 percent on your insurance, which eventually would pay for itself, not to mention possibly save your life.

If you would like information on the rider courses, call the Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program at 205-665-6740.

Upcoming classes in Dothan:

June 22-24 for beginners and June 16th for experienced riders.