Officals Search for Child Abducter

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The Houston County Sheriff's Department needs your help to find a man accused of kidnapping a four-year-old child.

Video from the Chevron Gas Station in Ashford captured a slender black male wearing a baseball cap. Sheriff's deputies’ say that man got into a pick-up truck parked in the gas station parking lot and drove off with a small child who was inside.

An alcoholic beverage and control agent located the vehicle two and half hours later with the child inside, safe and unharmed.

However, law enforcement officials are still searching for the alleged kidnapper:

“It's serious,” Sheriff Andy Hughes with the Houston County Sheriff's Department said. “Child abduction is one of the most serious crimes we tackle in law enforcement. We're still looking for the abductor; thank God we got the child out about two and a half hours after the incident.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the man seen in the video, you can contact your local law enforcement agency or the Houston County Sheriff's Department at 677-4808.

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