Dale County Jail Riot

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Dale County sheriff's officials are working to recover from a late night riot in the jail.

The riot started about 9:40 Friday night, when two inmates overpowered a guard in an attempt to escape.

At 9:40 on Friday evening two inmates inside the Dale County Jail tried to escape.

Correction officers were in the process of locking down the jail when Katoni Tillis and Kent Stewart overpowered an officer.

Two other officers tried to subdue the inmates, but Tillis and Stewart used a shank and a piece of metal from a bed to continue their escape. It took almost an hour for officers to reestablish control of the jail.

Sheriff Wallie Olson with the Dale County Sheriff’s Department said, "We were able to establish our officers were out of harms way so we made entrance to recover the downed corrections officers."

Law enforcement officials were concerned a hostage situation might ensue, but because of quick response from several outside police and sheriff's departments, the riot was contained.

"Once everyone arrived on scene we gained control quickly with the help of a lot of other agencies,” Lieutenant Gary Johnson said.

Tillis and Stewart caused a lot of damage during their attempted escape, but were unable to enter the control tower to exit the main jail because it was locked.

After speaking with several inmates, Sheriff's Department officials are convinced the two inmates planned the escape.

"One [had] just been sentenced to [a] healthy sentence; the other life without [patrol] and they felt this was their only way out," Sheriff Olson aid.

Tillis and Stewart now face many possible additional charges including attempted murder after sending one correction officer to the intensive care unit and injuring two others.

Right now, most the Dale County inmates are being housed at nearby county jails until. The Dale County Jail is fully secured.

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