College Hikes Tuition and Admission Standards

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It may be tougher to get into one local college. Troy University is raising its admission standards, but that's not the only thing going up.

Troy University is going up in two areas: tuition and admission standards.

Officials say they hope the changes will improve the college setting.

Tuition will increase by four percent, costing about $80 dollars more a semester.

Besides the tuition hike, the university will be raising its standards for admission.

Now, a student must have a 19 on ACT or 910 on the SAT to get in.

That’s over what was an 18 on ACT and 870 on the SAT allowed in the past.

This is the first time in 22 years Troy has increased its admission requirements and the first time in two years they've raised admission.

The university still has lower tuition and admission standards than other Division One schools in the state.

The university hopes to increase its retention rate to 80-percent with the increased admission standards.

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