Henry County Property Tax

A recent property re-appraisal in Henry County has some of its residents upset because property taxes in some cases have sky-rocketed.

Another re-appraisal could be a solution, but it could also cause additional problems.

Property taxes for most residents reportedly went up about 10 or 15 percent. But in some cases, those taxes doubled or even tripled. Property around Lake Eufaula was among the hardest hit. Some residents turned to the County Commission for help.

But the county commission has no control over the appraised value of property. Besides, Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Lamar Turner said he got burned like a lot of other people.

The Board of Equalization that's appointed by the County Commission, the School Board and the City of Headland reviews re-appraisals if they're appealed, but residents say the panel has provided little or no relief. So Richardson is asking the county to order another appraisal.

But even another appraisal has its drawbacks. Tax collections would be delayed for a year, so residents would eventually have to pay taxes for two years instead of one and government agencies would have to wait on that revenue.

Due to a family illness, Henry County's Revenue Commissioner was not available to comment on the reason for the big jump in property taxes.