Personnel Board Investigation

A Houston County Circuit Judge has refused to step aside in the case of some Dothan Police Department employees who don't want to testify in a city personnel board investigation.

Judge Larry Anderson says all parties in the case have agreed he's impartial and unbiased.

Three police officers and Police Chief John White's secretary asked the judge to block their interrogation by the Dothan Personnel Board. The board is investigating Chief White and the resignation of former police captain, Jim Smith.

Last week, personnel board attorney Jerry Segrest asked Judge Anderson to step aside and let another judge handle the case. That’s because Judge Anderson is a former city attorney who once worked with a lawyer for one of the police officers.

And, while serving as head of a Dothan civic club several years ago, the judge was a member of the citizen's supervisory committee, which is the group that requested the investigation.

While refusing to step aside, Judge Anderson also ordered a stay in personnel board proceedings until he can hear the motions by Police Department employees to block their interrogation. That hearing date has not been set.