Local School Children Form "True Young Killers"

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Five local elementary students are calling themselves "killers". However, Ariton Police say parents should not be concerned.

Wednesday, police and school officials questioned five elementary students who created a group called TYK, which stands for "True Young Killers”.

Ariton Elementary School, which is on the same campus as the high school, is one school in the area that has received threats; this time by younger students.

According to police, five elementary students formed a group called TYK standing for True Young Killers.

That title had some parents concerned.

They say the TYK kids were threatening to harm others at the school.

"One boy was the instigator. He's the one that thought this up, and really did most of the talking about hurting people. The other boys kind of just went along with it, and thought it was something funny to joke about," says Ariton's Chief of Police, Michael Cowart.

Police set up outside the school before classes even began, around 6:45 in the morning.

They caught the students to search them before they entered the building, finding no weapons of any kind, no hit lists and no drawings that depicted harm.

"We did find some drawings that the boy who instigated all of this had. But it wasn't anything. There were no drawings of weapons. There was no specific threat being made to anybody in the school. It was just a bunch of talk," says Cowart.

Police say they have stepped up patrol around the school, since the incident.

The school administration refused to comment, but the Superintendent Phillip Parker, did issue this statement: "Our number one responsibility is to make our school safe and we will make it safe. We'll take whatever measures necessary to ensure safety."

The superintendent says the school has dealt with the students, but none were expelled.

Officials say they are not sending a letter to parents regarding this situation, since it was resolved immediately and they see no future threat.

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