Houston County Suspect Escapes Sheriff’s Deputy’s Custody

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It has been two days since an arrested suspect escaped from a Houston County sheriff's deputy's patrol car. Authorities advise you to be on the lookout.

Now, some are concerned about why the public was not notified until now.

Houston County sheriff's deputies arrested Robert Michael Dominguez Monday evening after his wife made a domestic abuse call.

Because she showed no signs of serious physical harm, Dominguez was charged with 3rd degree domestic violence, which is a class-A misdemeanor.

However, since he's escaped custody, he's now facing three charges, one of which is a felony.

Chief John Powell with Dothan Police Department said, "We will work with all law enforcement agencies to try and apprehend him."

Dominguez escaped minutes after being arrested. He was placed in the rear seat of a deputy’s vehicle with his hands cuffed behind his back.

But within minutes he was gone.

The deputy's car was actually parked in a driveway. It was at the victim's house on the 5900 block of Fortner Street.

Chief Deputy Don Valenza with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office said, "The officer on the scene asked the other officer to bring his camera from his patrol car and when he brought the camera inside and returned, the suspect had taken the handcuffs from behind him, got them in front of him, and forced the window down enough where he could get the door open."

After the escape, sheriff's deputies searched the wooded area around the home and even used a K-9 unit from Webb's Police Department.

However, those searches turned up no results.

Authorities in the area are expecting Dominguez to be hostile when they do find him. They are prepared for the worst.

Dominguez is about 6-feet tall, 160-pounds with brown eyes and greyish brown hair.

Since he is wanted on a felony charge, Houston County authorities can place him in the National Crime Information Center.

Anyone with information on Dominguez's whereabouts should call local authorities or Crime Stoppers at 793-7000 for an anonymous report.

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