Dothan Election Changes

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Six candidates will be voted into the Dothan City Commission and school board this summer. Commission members set the date for the election.

That's not the only thing being decided about this summer's election. One of the polling places has actually been changed and this is one of the many changes to come in the next few years.

Voters in District 6 B, who normally vote at Girard Middle School, will be going to Northside Mall's lower level.

The change was made because of orders given to the city clerk and commissioners to hold run-off elections six weeks after the general election, instead of two weeks later, because of Troops overseas.

So with a July 10th election date, the run-off will be held in late August, when school resumes making no room for voters. This goes along with another change that will later go into effect.

Mayor Pat Thomas said, "As we move, in the next four years towards elections in September, all elections in September, starting in 2013, we were going to have to find places away from schools anyway. So the city clerk will continue to find those places."

This change Mayor Thomas is talking about refers to legislation that was passed about a year ago.

It states that in 2013, elections for each seat, including commission and school board, will be held once and each office will be voted for at the same time.

It's a consolidation move that will save tax payers at least $30,000 dollars.

The city is still working to change the places for districts 1A, 1B and 5B, which vote at Northview High School, Carver Magnet School and Honeysuckle Middle School.

These moves are expected to be done by the year 2009.

The offices that will be voted for this summer are for city commissioners and school board members in Districts 2, 4 and 6.

This summer's election will take place Tuesday, July 10th. If necessary, a run-off election is scheduled for August 21st.

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