Web Based Curriculum for High School and Middle School Students

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According to the latest statistics, 1 out of 10 students in Houston County will drop out of school before graduation.

Now, there are possible plans for an at-risk center for middle school students.

Antoinette Reese is an eleventh grade Houston County High student, but because of bad grades, she's finishing her school at Hope High School.

It’s an at risk school with web based curriculum for high schools students, which allows Reese to work at her own pace and earn a degree.

Hope Teacher Coordinator Kenneth Fondron, Jr. says, “We have to be mindful that 100 percent of these students would have dropped out if [they] didn't have [a] school like this.”

Hope helps high school students in Houston County like Reese.

However, what about middle school students who are slipping through the cracks causing drop out numbers to rise?

Superintendent Tim Pitchford says, “I envision at risk for 6, 7, 8 to come and provide technology for intense remediation to solve problems where [it] starts; not wait till 11 or 12 when we still lose them.”

Still in its infancy stage, the at-risk center, like Hope High, would offer web based curriculum for students with failing grades.

Students would participate in extra curricular activities at their home schools and could go back when they're caught up.

Houston County is hoping for federal money from a grant for the center.

The school board approved a building if they don't receive the grant. The building will be used as book depository.

However, Pitchford says the state school board is encouraging him to explore this idea because there's no place like it in the state, which is good news for students like Reese who wouldn't of graduated without a school like it.

This year, 82 percent of Hope High students are on track to graduate.

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