Taylor Family Loss Everything in Fire

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The Parrish family is spending this week salvaging what little is left of their home on Bobby Court.

The fire that destroyed their home Saturday damaged everything they own, leaving most of their belongings useless.

Kay Parrish said, "My wedding certificate was damaged, my nursing diplomas were damaged; I've still got 'em but they're water damaged. And just a lot of things like pictures; stuff that you can't replace."

Kay was at work when her next-door neighbor's house caught fire Saturday afternoon.

Her husband was home, but by the time he was made aware of the fire, the blaze was out of control.

Mrs. Parrish says her husband immediately started hosing down their house when he noticed the fire next door. But it was too little too late and the house caught fire anyway.

Kay added, "They lost water pressure; they couldn't stop the fire from transferring to our house and it burned our house up."

The Taylor, Rehobeth and Bay Springs Volunteer Fire Departments all responded and battled the flames for nearly an hour.

And while they were unable to save the houses, there were no serious injuries.

David Scheumake with the Taylor Volunteer Fire Department said, "One fireman had a slight injury, twisted his ankle during the process but other than that, no one was hurt and we were able to contain it to these three houses."

So far, authorities have not determined the cause of the fire.

The Alabama Fire Marshal's Office is currently investigating the scene.

This is the latest in an unusually high number of fires in Taylor so far this year.

However, authorities say they have no reason to believe any of them are connected or that they are arson cases.

The Parrish family's losses are covered by insurance.

In the meantime, the Taylor Town Hall is acting as a collection site for clothing or any other necessities for the families.

Father Pants - 34-30, Shirt - Medium

Mother Pants-12, Shirt-Medium

Son Pant-36-33, Shirt-Large, Shoe-Size 13

Son Pant-10 Slim, Shirt-Medium,Shoe-Size 41/2

Anyone wishing to donate, may drop their items off here at the Town Hall

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