Prescription Drug Program

Most seniors have anywhere from three to 15 prescriptions to fill each month and when you live off social security and a small pension, you just can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for medicine.

But a new Wiregrass organization wants to change that.

The Senior Prescription Group wants to help seniors take advantage of drug assistance programs.

Many pharmaceutical companies will give qualifying seniors free or low-cost drugs, but the problem is getting through all the red tape.

That's where Senior Prescriptions helps out. One of the organizers said people who meet qualifications will be able to save thousands of dollars that could be used for other things.

To be eligible:

  • You must be over 60
  • Have no prescription drug coverage
  • Have a chronic medical condition
  • Be a legal Alabama resident
  • An annual household income less than $17,720 for one person household or,
  • An annual household income less than $23,880 for two person household

    For more information or questions, call 334-678-0440.