Festival of Murals

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Many local residents enjoyed the sun today while listening to music and eating delicious food. Today marks the second annual "Festival of Murals" in downtown Dothan, and even more events were held this year to make the festival more enjoyable for children.

The weeklong festival of murals concluded Sunday with an arts and crafts show in downtown Dothan and lots of activities for children. The city sponsored event is free so everyone can attend.

"The festival is to bring life back into downtown and give back to the community."

Many people took advantage of the festival as a time to relax and enjoy their families.

Laura Wheeler, a Dothan resident, said, "We brought kids and it’s a family friendly day, and Dothan needs more activity and this was good."

The weather was hot, but that didn't keep the crowds away from enjoying all that the festival had to offer.

Cynthia Green of the City of Dothan shared, "What a great day for family and there are lots of children's activities and so much to do in downtown Dothan."

Volunteers are who the city attributes the festivals success to, and those same groups say they will be around for more events in the future.

Shirley Hobbs of Troy University-Dothan said, "We are supportive of the community and Troy will help if anything goes on."

Troy University sponsored a number of activities for children, and they all seemed to go over well with the crowd.

Dothan resident Jayla Hall said, "I made a necklace, face painted, and I made a picture."

Also at the festival was a high school student working to send herself on the trip of a lifetime.

Leah Gunn, People to People Ambassador, said, "I'm here to raise money for my people to people ambassador trip to Europe."

Whatever the reason people came to check out the festival, they found it, from a variety of food to entertainment of all kinds, and the city says they can't wait to hold the festival again next year.

In Rayne's story you heard from Laura, a student raising money for her trip to Europe. She is holding another fundraiser on May 18. It's going to be a singles party at Eastgate Park. Tickets will be $20 per person and you can purchase them by calling 702-7924.