Army Ranger Camp

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Today the most elite team of the Army is taking the time to share its work with the public.

Just next to Eglin Air Force Base is a specialized camp where rangers are trained, and the program to become a ranger is vigorous.

To become an Army Ranger you have to go through strenuous exercises to prepare for combat. Sunday the rangers demonstrated to the public some of the training they go through in order to be ready to defend the United States freedom.

MJR Chris Willis, Battalion Exec. Officer, said, “Rangers are the most elite soldiers in the Army and we want everyone to see the hard work that soldiers do."

Spectators had the chance to watch soldiers repel off walls and watched as a helicopter full of rangers landed to rescue a fellow soldier.

CPT Jesse Ceja, Battalion Adjutant, added, "We want to show exp. of what students go through and get an idea of what we're here to do."

The event is free and open to the public, and those who attended this year were thankful for the opportunity.

Angela Randall, the wife of a ranger, said, "I enjoy knowing there are members taking time to show us what their job is about and how fun it is."

Jill Willis, another wife of a ranger, shared, "It’s an opportunity to see what guys do and to see them touches your heart."

The event is family oriented and includes events for people of all ages.

John Randall is the son of a ranger and said, "I got to feed an alligator, Stumpy. She's a sweet gator and she's easy to feed."

The gator is the rangers’ mascot. While Sunday's open house makes the rangers’ job seem easy, those men train for weeks on end in the woods and are taught to operate efficiently with very little sleep or food. The rangers say they are proud to be part of the most elite team of the Army.

The ranger open house is an annual event. To learn more about the ranger program, you can contact Camp Rudder at 850-882-1164.