Repaving of Main Street to Begin Monday

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The Alabama Department of Transportation is funding a repaving project expected to take more than two months to complete.

Local businesses located along the major highway have mixed feeling about the road work.

"In the short term, it will hurt but we're excited because West Main is so heavily traveled," City of Dothan Traffic Engineer Charles Metzger said.

Charles Buntin with Tom West Realty said, "Right behind me is the intersection of Main Street and the Ross Clark Circle this is the busiest intersection that will be affected by the repaving project. Traffic engineers are expecting major slow downs."

And, because traffic congestion is already expected, traffic experts are offering some advice.

"People will have to be patient because they will be milling up the road," Metzger said.

The road construction is expected to interfere with the traffic signal loops, and until they can be repaired, they will be changed to an automated system. That change will slow down traffic even further.

If you can take an alternate route, traffic engineers are encouraging you to do so. The project will start by the Medical Center and will end about five miles west of the Ross Clark Circle, right beside the Boy Scouts Headquarters.

Repaving of Highway 84 inside the Ross Clark Circle will start Monday morning and will continue through mid-July.

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