Abandoned Home Soon to Be Staple of Dothan's District 2

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It was on the hit-list to be torn down, but an appeal led Dothan city commissioners to reconsider keeping the old Garland House on East Burdeshaw afloat.

The homes history dates back more than 100 years and once served as a staple of entertainment for the community.

However, the name is now etched in the books of the Alabama Registry of Historic Homes.

Though abandoned, plans are in the works for it to be renovated and made into a arts and cultural center for the area.

"It will be something really worth while for that community because that community had fallen on hard times," says Alabama NAACP President and Dothan Historian Edward Vaughn.

Reverend Willie James Redding owns Redding's Barbershop across the street from the Garland Home.

He says he wants to be part of the history-making move by helping finance the project. He says the, "Best thing will happen, there's no place fore the kids" says Rev. Redding.

Meanwhile, Vaughn, who was instrumental in making the area an historic district and opening the Museum of African American History and the Bobby Wright Memorial Library, also has other plans in the works; plans which include opening a book store and building a community theatre.

"There are so few of these kind of projects in nation. Dothan can be an icon city for developing an old neighborhood that had fallen on hard,” Vaughn said.

Currently a fund raising plan is being put together which will help completely gut and renovate the Garland House.

Donations are tax-deductible. To find out how you can help call 792-9373.

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