Cool Place to Take a Dip

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Kemberli Horne says she comes to Blue Springs State Park about once a week during the summer months.

She says the 68-degrees water is never too cold. "I like to come here because it's fun and I can swim and play and have a great time," she says.

"It's a nice family-oriented place to come to bring your children to go swimming and it's nice and cold. You've got a great place to lay out and they have grills. Just have a good time," says Brenda Windham.

Blue Springs 103-acre park in Barbour County pumps 3600 gallons of water a minute, fed by a crystal clear underground spring.

"We have people calling all the time that live close by and say ‘hey, we didn't know you even exist’," says Gloria Peters, Blue Springs worker.

The water may be 68 degrees, but it feels much cooler.

However, if you would be looking to take a dip, some locals say it's best to just jump right in.

"It's like jumping in a bowl of ice water to me. If you're going to go I say just dive, but if not I don't know. I personally just put my feet in it, walk to where the water flows," says Windham.

"If you jump in it's not as cold as it would be if you were making you're way into the water," says Horne.

If you're looking to take that dive, the park is open year round, but its main season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Blue Springs State Park is open from 8AM until 6PM daily.

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