House Approves Bill on Sunday Liquor Sales

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A bill passed in the Alabama House Wednesday, clearing the way for cities to call for referendums on legalizing Sunday liquor sales.

The Alabama Legislature is deciding whether to allow cities to vote on whether to allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays.

Business owners in Dothan say not being able to sell in Dothan is only pushing buyers to other areas where sales of alcohol are legal every day of the week.

Owner of Van's Package Store, Van Wilson said, "They go to Florida, Georgia and bootleggers, if they want to get it they will."

Some proponents for the bill say not allowing the sales is only taking away revenue from the city and is causing some business to look elsewhere.

Executive Director of the Dothan Convention and Visitors Center, Bob Hendrix said, "Some conventions would come but they may not bring their business because they can't have alcohol at the convention."

Hendrix is an advisor to the Al House of Representatives Toursim Committee and says he doesn't think its right for visitors to the area to be able to buy alcohol in several other cities in Alabama, but not in Dothan.

Ozark's Mayor Bob Bunting says he has no problem with Sunday sales if that's what his residents and the city council wants.

Dothan's Mayor Pat Thomas says the city council is taking no stand on the issue but if a local vote is called for the city council's views will mirror that of its constituents.

The bill still has to pass through the senate and be signed by the governor before the city council has the authority to call for a referendum.

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