Elba Man Jailed in Beating of Infant Daughters

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An Elba man is charged with critically injuring his two infant daughters. Quinton Caldwell faces charges including willful torture child abuse and aggravated child abuse.

Caldwell lived on Putnam Street in Elba's downtown district.

Neighbors are shocked and angry. They can't understand how anyone could attack 11-week-old infants.

Chad and Angela Tefft along with their two young children recently moved from New York to Elba to live in a small hometown.

However, earlier this week, their neighbor was arrested on a host of charges stemming from attacking and severely injuring his twin 11-week-old daughters. Quinton Caldwell is jailed under a $220,000 dollar bond.

"How in the heck can anyone beat a child like that, to the point of mental retardation. A baby is just something innocent," Chad Tefft said.

Another neighbor, Renea Wood said, "We've seen the twins playing outside the house. We've never heard screams or any kind of noises coming from there."

Longtime Elba Police Investigator, Andy Gunter, says it's one of the most disturbing and stomach turning cases' he's been associated with. "The victims are so innocent. They wouldn't even be able to kick over a glass of water."

The child's uncle is heartbroken over it. He loves the infants, and believes his nephew is where he should be at this time.

Edward Charles Caldwell said, “He's got an attitude with me. Yes, I can see him do this, in my mind, in my mind."

There is some good news in this horrible situation. The infant girls have been released from the hospital and are in protective custody of the state.

Each girl sustained a fractured skull, broken arms and bruising.

An additional arrest may soon be made in this case.

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