Hurricane Preparedness Workshop in Jackson County

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There’s almost a 50 percent chance of a large hurricane hitting the gulf this season, which begins in a few weeks. That’s the word from the Jackson County Emergency Management director.

John Grantham looks over his hurricane plan for his fertilizer house Agri-Lites in Donalsonville, Georgia.

Located between two rivers, Grantham wants to make sure if a hurricane were to hit the gulf, his business activity and employees would recover quickly in the flood plains. “I'm hoping to learn some things that will compliment my plan,” he says.

Red Cross officials out of Tallahassee led "Hurricane Biz", which prepares businesses, faith based groups, and health care facilities how to plan for a hurricane aftermath.

The plans give supervisors direction from how to store records to continuing production after the storm.

EMA Director of Jackson County, Rodney Andreasen asked, “Look at what happened to Katrina [with] no back up plans, no records?”

Thursday, businesses pretended a Category 2 hurricane was bearing down on the Gulf Coast.

Each organization had a chance to test their plan to see what they were missing.

Chris Floyd with the Red Cross said, “Part of us will walk away with a new found interest of planning.”

This helps businesses like Agri-Lites and employees like John feel more comfortable with the start of hurricane season just a few weeks away.

The official start of hurricane season is June 1st.

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