Dale Co. High School Students Mourn Classmate's Death

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Thursday, Dale County High School students were in mourning, after losing a member of their senior class.

An accident in Skipperville claimed the life of 17-year-old Rachel Webb.

Early Thursday, the seniors of Dale County High met in the school's cafeteria to talk about Rachel Webb, her life and what she meant to everyone at the school.

While graduation is on the minds of most students at this time of the year, the students are coping with the loss of one of their own.

Senior Rachel Webb of Midland City died in a fatal head on collision Wednesday afternoon.

Seniors say Webb was an active student that loved everyone.

"She went to church. She was a majorette. She was the Senior Class President. She was in everything, in yearbook. She was the business editor of the yearbook. She was a very vital part of our small school," says classmate Lauren Anderson.

"It's awful, coming to school, knowing she's not here. She's not with us and knowing I can't talk to her it just really tears everybody up," says classmate Kyle Henderson.

Even the administration said Rachel was a model student, one that will leave a great void in the classroom.

"It just tears your heart out to know that a student has lost their life, especially that young and it's just hard to deal with," says Dale County Schools Superintendent, Phillip Parker.

Many activities are planned to honor Webb, including a balloon release, candlelight vigil and a moment of silence at graduation.

However, students say even that's not enough to show how much they'll miss her.

Many people wore pink ribbons on Thursday to remember Rachel.

Normally you would see a black ribbon, but since her favorite colors were pink and purple, school leaders decided to wear pink.

Funeral services for the Rachel Webb will be held this Saturday at 10AM at Midland City Baptist Church.

There will be a moment of silence on Friday in all Dale County schools at 8AM.

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