Historic Ozark Building Getting New Look

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An historic downtown building in the Wiregrass will soon be turned into a museum if leaders have their way. The city of Ozark just received state money to relocate and restore its historic Train Depot.

It now looks like the Ozark Train Depot will see restoration.

The city's budget couldn't afford to match the bids to restore the building even with help from a state grant.

However, after turning that money back in, the state gave Ozark another grant, one for nearly $300,000 dollars.

"When you can save an historical building, a building that's meant so much to the history and the development of this community, you've got to feel good about it. I hope everybody in Ozark feels good," says Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting.

Polytech Engineering is planning to move the depot to Stegall Park, located about a block away and turn it into a museum with some city offices inside.

And, it will remain on Alabama’s Historic Registry.

“There's not a lot of opportunity to pick up an historic building and move one. It's something to me because I'm a native, I grew up here so I wanted to see it saved as well," says Jonathan Carn, principal architect with Polytech Engineering.

Some of the younger local residents may not remember the history behind the building, but they say they're excited to see it renovated because it should cut down on some of the crime and drugs that go on here.

"Everybody use to go there to fight after school and do drugs and stuff. So, I figure it'd be best," says Alan Glass, Ozark Resident.

The city of Ozark is using no city money for the project. All money is provided through contributions.

Leaders expect to move and restore the depot by the end of this year.

The depot group is selling bricks and taking donations to help match the grant. If you're interested in making a donation, call Jim Rudd at 792-2300.