Alabama's Official Fruit

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Alabama will have an official fruit and it’s the blackberry. The Alabama House gave final passage to a bill that has been the pet project of third and fourth graders at Fairhope Elementary School for the past two years.

The House voted 91-to-1 in favor of the bill. The legislation has already passed the Senate.

Fairhope Elementary School third-grade teachers Susan Sims and Amy Jones said Governor Bob Riley plans to be at the school Saturday morning to meet with the students and to sign the bill into law.

Sims said the students did research on the blackberry, which grows in all 67 of Alabama's counties, and wrote letters to legislators seeking support.

During the debate, supporters had to fend off several efforts to amend the bill by representatives seeking recognition for their favorite fruit.

Other spoke up for peaches, watermelons and the tomato for consideration for official fruit. Even a vegetable got some support. Representative Todd Greeson of Ider suggested that the Sand Mountain Irish potato should be the official state vegetable.